Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Well we have another rainy, cold, and SNOWY Halloween in the books! That's three years in a row now....hopefully next year!
We carved pumpkins the weekend before (in T-shirts I might add).  Drew wanted a "one-eyed jack-o-lantern", Taylor wanted a scary face, and Ben wanted a surprised face.  I think we did well!

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Elsa ready to go on Halloween!

Oma made Taylor's dress for her!
This is as far as we made it on foot!  We then drove around in the van the rest of the night.  Taylor and Drew lasted the whole two hours.  Ben and Oma went back home to pass out candy after about an hour. Taylor ran around with neighbors and had a great time!

No More Training Wheels!!

The day after Drew's birthday, Taylor told the boys that if they rode their bikes on two wheels they could have 4 scoops of ice they did!  They have done so well!
Ben likes to do "crazy tricks", which consists of riding down driveways!  He can also get himself started.
Drew is so cute on his little bike!  He pedals as fast as he can, but you just can't keep up with the big kids on 12" wheels!!  He too likes to "turn crazy and drive in the grass".

Biker kids!!! I'm so glad we live in a neighborhood where they have the opportunity to ride their bikes on a daily basis!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Drew!!!

We celebrated Drew's 3rd birthday with a party at putt-putt!  We didn't have school on Monday, so we had our friends come to putt-putt for the afternoon.  The weather wasn't the greatest, but we had the place to ourselves so that was nice!!!

 On his actual birthday, Tuesday, we just celebrated at home with Grandma and Grandpa. 
He was so excited to get cleats....just what every 3 year old wants!!!
 He's sure he plays for the TinCaps!
 Grandma and Grandpa got him some new lawn equipment!
 Happy Birthday!!!
Drew had his 3 year check up this week.  He weighed 32 lbs. (50th percentile) and was 37 inches tall (40th percentile).  He really likes working in the yard with Troy and all things related to yard work and farming.  He is really starting to enjoy playing baseball, too!  He still goes 100 mph all day long and definitely has a mind of his own.  He loves to play outside and runs, jumps, rides, and scoots with the best of them....he doesn't get left behind!!

Crown Point/Chicago Trip

The weekend before Drew's birthday we went to Crown Point and then Chicago for the day.  We went to The Museum of Science and Industry for the first time.  We actually bought a pass, so hopefully we'll be back a couple more times.  The kids really liked it, but it is huge!  We didn't get everything done!

The farming section was a big hit!

We also had a chance to celebrate Drew's birthday with Oma and Opa and then with Grandpa Rick.
Cupcakes at Oma's house!
And more cupcakes with Grandpa Rick!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Fun

Grandma took us to the pumpkin patch one afternoon.
We picked some big ones!!

We've been raking, playing in and burning lots of leaves lately!!

Taylor had crazy hair day at school...we put pipe cleaners in her braids!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney - Phone Pics

I went through my phone and pulled off some pictures from our vacation.
Drew was so excited to ride on the airplane (after he got over the fact that he was not driving it).  He actually did really well on both flights!
Our first night there we went to Downtown Disney and ate at T-Rex Café.
Day 1 - Cute shirts Aunt Marcy made
Mickey ice cream bars!!!
Fun at the pool
Taylor, Ben, Oma, and I all went ice skating at Hollywood Studios!
Taylor and her Olaf cupcake
Our final rides on the teacups....I think this was one of Taylor's favorites, she would really get it spinning!

Art of Animation

We stayed at the Art of Animation and really liked it!  We had two Cars suites that were all decked out like the movie Cars! The kids really liked the pool area and splash pad too. 

 Ben's new "trick"....he also started swimming some without a float while we were there!
 All the cars from the movie were all around our area of the resort.  Ben took a picture with ALL of them!